– These general conditions of sale will apply to all supplies and sales of products made by PURIFICACIÓN CARRILLO GÉRICA (COMERCIAL LYC), unless different ones are agreed in writing. Except in the latter case, they will be considered accepted without reservation by the customer, even in the event of contrary clauses in their own general conditions of purchase.

– Neither party will be in breach of contract if it is unable to fulfill its contractual obligations as a consequence of force majeure, although the affected party must immediately notify the other in writing of this situation.

– Examples of force majeure (non-exhaustive enumeration): acts of war or terrorism, strikes, lockout, epidemics, civil unrest, fires, floods, storms or other atmospheric phenomena that motivate interruptions in productions and / or deliveries. Unpredictable breakdowns, delayed delivery by suppliers or carriers, or shortage of raw material, among other circumstances, will also be considered force majeure.


– The delivery times indicated in the offers or inquiries are indicative, given in good faith; they are only an estimate and under no circumstances will the seller be responsible for any loss suffered by the buyer, related to a delivery subsequent to the initially estimated.

– The buyer is obliged to examine the merchandise, upon receipt of it, and determine whether it conforms to what is requested.

– All claims must be made in writing within 3 calendar days of receipt of the goods and may opt, if the claim is accepted, to replace them or their full or partial payment.


– PURIFICACIÓN CARRILLO GÉRICA recommends the product that is considered most appropriate for each application, based on our experience and / or the indications of our suppliers. However, it is the customer who must carry out the necessary tests to confirm that the product meets the requirements of its production. In other words, the guidelines received do not replace the approval by the client.

– PURIFICACIÓN CARRILLO GÉRICA will make available to the client the technical information corresponding to the recommended and / or supplied products. Likewise, it will provide the client with any other documentation required by Spanish and / or European regulations, when said documentation is provided by its suppliers.


– PURIFICACIÓN CARRILLO GÉRICA will not be liable under any circumstances for damages of any nature that may arise from the use of the product.

-The only obligation of the seller will be to replace the amount of the product that is found to be defective, excluding any liability for damages.

– In the event of quality defects not detectable by ocular inspection, PURIFICACIÓN CARRILLO GÉRICA will act according to the instructions of the corresponding provider, to whom the client must address any judicial or extrajudicial claim that it deems appropriate. PURIFICACIÓN CARRILLO GÉRICA works with its suppliers on a concerted quality basis and does not have laboratories or similar facilities to analyze the batches of material received from them, so it cannot be held responsible for hidden quality defects.


– The payment method will be 60 days from the invoice date, unless other conditions are expressly established in writing.

– The non-payment by the buyer, at any expiration, will give rise to the resolution of the PURIFICACIÓN CARRILLO GÉRICA operations with the debtor, the seller being expressly authorized to withdraw and take over the products of the latter that are in the buyer’s possession, in the amount deemed necessary to cover the debtor credit. The debtor will be responsible for the return costs incurred and the default interest that will accrue from the expiration day, without the need for formal communication to the buyer. In addition, all bank expenses arising as a consequence of non-payment, as well as the expenses derived from any judicial claim, including the fees of lawyers and attorneys, will be for his account.


– The non-payment will also determine the requirement in advance of the money in future transactions, as long as the confidence in the solvency of the client has not been restored, being canceled any payment conditions initially agreed.


– The buyer expressly waives his jurisdiction and submits to the jurisdiction of the judges and courts of the seller’s domicile.

– The international rules for the interpretation of the commercial conditions elaborated by the International Chamber of Commerce will be applied to our international transactions.


– In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that the data of your company and contact persons will be collected and used only to meet the commitments arising from the business relationship. As long as you do not notify us otherwise, we will understand that your data has not been modified, that you agree to notify us of any variation and that we have the consent to use it in order to retain the relationship between the parties. We also understand that you have given your consent for the communication of this data to other companies with which we are related when this communication is necessary for the execution of a service or may lead to an improvement in the relationship between both parties.

  1. WASTE

– In compliance with art. 18, point 1, of RD 782/1998, the person responsible for the delivery of packaging waste or used packaging, for its proper environmental management, will be the final owner of the product.